Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Tattooing


I am sure there are many of us right now that are itching at wanting to get a tattoo.  We might even have the next five tattoos planned out in our head.  But, we know that a great quality tattoo takes money.  Saving the money takes time and patience, and some of us may not have the patience to do that.  So, maybe a friend has said they can do it for you.  They’re an artist right?!  How difficult could it be?

The thing is when it comes to do-it-yourself tattooing there are risks you may not be thinking about.  Think about the process of tattooing.  A needle with ink is being inserted over and over into your skin during the tattoo procedure.  If this is done incorrectly it can lead to infection, disease, or allergic reactions.

Some of these diseases and infections are Hepatitis B and C, which can also lead to liver disease.  Another disease is HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) and don’t forget about staph infection.  Staph infection is a bacteria that can cause a multitude of diseases.  A great tattoo artist is trained on safety and machine procedures to keep the tattooing process safe and sanitary.  When you either make a tattoo machine yourself, or get online to buy one, you can’t be sure of the quality.  The ink you may be using may have harmful substances in it that can stay in your skin too.  Many tattoo artists know the best quality ink and machines to use to produce great tattoos that last years. 

Also, when you are attempting to tattoo yourself you run the risk of damaging and scarring the skin.  It takes years for a professional tattoo artist to hone their craft and they know how to place, position and design a tattoo so it looks great on your body. 

Think about it this way, if you want a tattoo that looks amazing and will last for years go to a professional.  It is worth the patience of saving the money to have a piece of art on your body.  Something you can look at over time and not ever regret. 

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Tattooing on or around scars, stretch marks or other skin conditions


Tattooing on or around scars, stretch marks, or other skin conditions can be challenging at times.  A client usually is wanting the scar covered up for personal reasons.  The scars may remind them of a painful past experience, or maybe they don’t like the appearance of the scar or skin abnormality.  There are even many moms out there that want some of their stretch marks covered up.  But, what does a tattoo artist have to consider when covering up these areas?
Here are some questions that have to be considered before tattooing the area.
·         What kind of scar or skin condition is it?  Is the scar from a surgery, injury, or maybe you have a skin condition you were born with?
·         How deep was the cut?
·         How deep does the scar tissue go?
·         Are you prone to keloids?  Keloids are scars that are quite a bit raised above the skin surface.  They are smooth on top and are pink or purple in color.  They are irregular in shape and tend to enlarge progressively.  They are not like regular scars that will tend to regress over time.
·         Is it a raised scar?  Scarring can be more sensitive to tattooing and can be quite uncomfortable for the client. 
·         Is there nerve damage?  This can also cause quite a bit of discomfort and pain for the client.
These are some of the questions your tattoo artist will consider when you meet for your consultation. 
Remember that tattooing over your scars or skin abnormalities won’t eliminate or change the texture of the skin.  It will hide the scar to the average viewer and can make you feel more comfortable about that part of your body.
When you go to meet with your tattoo artist make sure they have before and after pictures of their work.  You want to see how well they know how to cover the area you want hidden.  Things a tattoo artist can do to hide a scar or skin abnormality is to consider the shape, position, color, texture of the tattoo and how it can distract the viewer’s eye away from the area of concern.
Go in for your consultation with confidence and knowing all the questions you want answered.  Your tattoo artist will make you feel comforted and at ease to discuss the area of concern and you should walk away feeling excited and knowing you are in good hands. 
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Finding the best tattoo shop in your area.

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you spend months on evaluating and studying up on exactly the perfect piece to forever put on your skin.  You ask your friends, coworkers, and family what their opinion is and what they would do.  You know how important this is to you and you want it to look perfect.

So when it comes to picking out a tattoo shop and tattoo artist to create this masterpiece you want to give it the same attention.  Determining if a tattoo shop is right for you means you need to study up and set up appointments for evaluations with the shops you are looking at wanting to go to.  Here are some other helpful tips to look at when you are finding the best tattoo shop.

First, when you call to set up your appointment was the receptionist friendly, helpful, and  
knowledgeable about the working of the tattoo shop.  They should know each tattoo artists schedules and what styles of tattoos they are best at.  If the receptionist isn’t delivering the information to you in a helpful, knowledgeable and friendly manner this could speak of the kind of tattoo shop she or he is working for.

Second, when you have set up the initial consultation make sure you know exactly what you want.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you enjoy being around your tattoo artist.  You are going to be spending a good length of time with them in one seating possibly.   Also, make sure the tattoo artist has a portfolio of their past work.  These photos need to be on actual skin and not just drawings.  Take a look at their portfolio and make sure their style of tattooing fits what you are looking for.   

Third, take a tour of the tattoo shop.  Ask the tattoo artist if they sterilize their equipment and how they store their supplies.  You want to make sure there isn’t any cross-contamination that may happen by recycling or reusing products.  Even ask to see their autoclave and if they keep it regularly maintained.  An autoclave is a high pressure chamber that is used to sterilize equipment or supplies that aren’t disposable.  Ask the tattoo artist how their supplies are stored and cleaned.  Check out the tattoo artist’s personal tattooing room.  Is it clean?  Is it organized?  Is it a location that you can feel comfortable in for a long length of time? 

You definitely don’t want to be going to anyone that doesn’t meet these guidelines.  You are going to be spending a good amount of money on a great quality tattoo and you don’t want to go to a basement or garage tattooist.  You deserve to have what you spend your hard-earned money on, so study up and do the work to find the best.  You find the best you will get the best!

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