Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Black & Grey vs. Full Color: Things to Consider

                One of the most crucial questions to ask yourself when trying to come up with an idea for your next tattoo is whether you are wanting your new piece to be in black and grey or full color. Both styles certainly have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to healing, longevity, contrast, and other factors. We often get asked the pros and cons between the two different design choices so we figured it would be an important topic to address.

                Black and grey tattoos are certainly the more popular option when it comes to the two styles as they have been around longer and is a classic design choice. One of the biggest pros of this design option is its longevity. The shades of black and grey generally have a less chance of fading and are less susceptible to the damages of sun exposure because of their chemical make-up. One key component to consider for black and grey tattoos is the tattoo style you are looking for in your piece. Traditional, Japanese, lettering, realism, geometrical; it is all on the table with black and grey. Realism, however, can get a little tricky when it comes to black and grey because it requires an eye for depth, shading, size, etc. So, if this is the style you are looking for, be sure to research your artist carefully to ensure you get the multi-dimensional look you are going for. The final component in the pros column for black and grey is that they generally take less time than full-color tattoos depending on the style you choose. Working with two shades cuts down on time so, if you are worried about sitting through the pain of a tattoo, black and grey may be the right option for you.

                Full-color tattoos may not have been around for as long as black and grey tattoos but, over the years, they have become a staple in the tattoo community. Using bright colors in a tattoo is a great way to convey the overall tone of the design and, for many people, they add more expression to the overall piece. Depending on the colors you select, color tattoos can offer an eye-popping contrast to light and medium skin tones, and certain artists are trained to make color pop on any skin tone. Something important to remember when looking at tattoo designs or the work of the artist you are interested in is you will want to be sure to look at the before photos of the piece and what the color looks like after the healing process. This will ensure that you know what you are getting into when selecting full-color for your newest addition.

                We hope that this information will help you to select which way to go for a tattoo that is uniquely yours. Overall, both tattoo styles are great for different reasons and, if you make sure to do your research beforehand, you should be happy with your newest piece no matter which style you select.

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