Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How tattoo artists take your ideas and turn them into tattoo reality!

From your imagination to the tattoo on your skin:
How tattoo artists take your ideas and turn them into tattoo reality!

Step One:
Whether you know exactly what you want or a general idea the best thing to do is research. Look at multiple artists portfolios and see which of their styles stands out to you the most. Odds are that if you like what they have already created you will have more trust in them to help you design your own personal ink creation.
As your reviewing portfolios make sure to check for consistency throughout the portfolio. If you notice that some tattoos aren’t as good as some others there is a chance that they are inexperienced or even borrowing other artists work to help them gain clients.

Step Two:
Contact the studio either in person or over the phone. Your interaction there will tell you a lot about the studio and how things are done. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo offers tours during business hours. A major thing to look for is how the artist’s set up. Is everything that they could touch during an appointment covered? Look around for over all cleanliness. If the studio isn’t clean what makes you think the artists will be?
The amount of time and items required to set up fully costs us around $60 this is to ensure your health and safety. This is done for every client every time. Everything is single use and discarded after each client.

Step Three:
Book a consultation! You can have a little one on one time with the artist you have selected and share with them your ideas and any details that you want to have incorporated into your tattoo. This will help the artist understand more of what your wanting and be able to design it for you.
One of the more common questions we get from clients is if they can see a drawing of their tattoo prior to their appointment. While this request may seem reasonable to most. Its just not something that many artists feel comfortable with for a few reasons. First is that the artist is setting aside time to design your tattoo that is unique not only to you but to them. Sending out an image of that drawing comes with the risk of it being shared and then copied. Secondly if you have done your research and selected an artist you trust, with their own unique style. You will surely love what they have created for you.

Step Four:
Place a deposit and book your appointment. Placing a deposit not only secures your appointment time but it secures the artists time to allow them to prepare and draw up your design.
Step Five: Show up to your appointment! After all the work that is put into getting to your appointment between you and your artist, you should always arrive on time.

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