Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tattoo Cover Ups

Tattoo Cover Ups:
Expectations Vs. Reality

All too often we hear, “If I hate it, I'll just cover it up later” If only it were that simple. There are a lot of different things that go into a tattoo cover up that many may not realize. First of all, most cover up tattoos aren’t even really a cover up at all. Meaning that the new tattoo might not cover the tattoo completely. It more or less camouflages the tattoo in a way that the original isn’t as noticeable.

Next more times than not you would have to go much larger than the original tattoo to be able to position the new artwork in a way to best camouflage or cover the tattoo. If the tattoo is heavily lined with black or has a lot of black throughout it, pretty much plan on your cover up being pretty dark.

With all of this in mind your tattoo cover-up options are limited but not impossible. There are some options available for fading or removing a tattoo such as laser removal however this option tends to be risky. It can often hurt more than getting the tattoo in the first place. Lasers also push tattoo ink deeper into the body leaving you with unknown possible health side effects.

Some newer treatments allow you to extract the tattoo out of the body but this too can be a costly process but a good way to lighten a tattoo to the point where it may be more easily covered. Some more experienced artists can even tattoo over the existing tattoo with flesh tones to lighten the tattoo. While this can lighten it, it won’t be removed completely. It can improve the options available to you.
So, if you’re stuck with a tattoo your less than thrilled about, you should contact an artist you trust and set up a consultation. 

Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo we offer free 30-minute consultations. This is a chance for you to sit down with an artist, discuss what your options are and where to go from here. You can always contact the studio directly and we are always happy and ready to answer any questions you may have.

-Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

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